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How it works

Here's how we help you send your co-workers personalized birthday cards.

Cardybot gets you setup

Once you install Cardybot in your Slack workspace, it can reach out to folks on your chosen channel to get them setup. Alternatively, the account admin can choose to setup all users so Cardybot doesn't reach out.

Remember Birthdays

When a co-worker's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, Cardybot reaches out to ask you if you want to sign the birthday card. Easily filter notifications to only be notified about birthdays in your sub-team.

Just reply to sign the card

Simply reply to the thread and your birthday message is added to your co-worker's card. Go crazy with emojis if that's what you're into.

A birthday card is delivered

Cardybot gets cards made and mailed for birthdays. A fun (SFW) card design is randomly picked from our stock. We ship worldwide for free - to home or office. 
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Customized to the birthday celebrant and to your company's brand. Each card is made just for the special day.

Cardybot helps keep your team engaged by celebrating each other meaningfully while enriching your culture.

Cards done responsibly

We care deeply about the environment. We plant a tree for every 10 cards we send out.

People  getting physical cards. 

Cardybot helps you send your co-workers personal cards they'll always cherish. It only takes seconds to add to Slack and Cardybot handles the rest. Did we mention this is also funnest way to sign a card?

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